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Over the last number of years, studies of “planned napping” have demonstrated the significant benefits of a short daytime rest break, including mental and physical renewal, enhanced memory, heightened creativity, greater efficiency and stress reduction. But recent studies have shown that in addition to these benefits, what we’ve come to know as power napping has another important advantage — systemic protection against a wide range of health risks, while providing increased heart function, hormonal maintenance and perhaps even cellular repair.  Experts now agree that a little daytime snooze rivals an apple a day for enhancement of overall health.  All good things.


“While our culture often equates napping with laziness or a waste of time, nothing could be further from the truth!” according to Carol Ginandes, Ph.D., well-known health psychologist, who is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychology, Department of Psychiatry, at Harvard Medical School.  An expert in the use of the power nap,  Dr. Ginandes has just produced a new 2-CD set called The Ultimate Power Nap for Rapid Rest and Renewal, an easy-to-use program which teaches the listener how to take brief, effortless but deeply restorative naps and to awaken on time feeling alert and replenished. Interspersed throughout are comforting music, guided visualizations, and positive self-hypnotic suggestions.


Disc One details the rationale for napping and how to access this deep daytime rest state and then provides a practice session for the listener. Disc Two expertly guides the listener through the nap itself and can be used repeatedly.


Personal applications of The Ultimate Power Nap are wide-ranging. It can be a vital addition for those seeking to foster mind/body healing and a deeper sense of well-being and may be of particular benefit to those who...


                          ▪ are not getting enough restorative sleep  at night

                          ▪ experience jet lag from traveling between time zones

                          ▪ feel fatigued from driving long distances, needing to re-alert

                          ▪ are recuperating from an injury, surgery or illness

                          ▪ are working on a creative project or studying new material

                          ▪ continually tap into physical reserves and need to replenish energy

                          ▪ want to be refreshed for activity after a full day’s work


And that’s pretty much all of us.


In short, The Ultimate Power Nap is a user-friendly, soup-to-nuts training program that educates the listener not only about what power naps are, how to take them and what their benefits are, but also the considerable risks of not being adequately rested and refreshed.



             “Takes napping into the realm of a healing and restorative experience.

             It should be downloaded onto everyone’s iPod!”

— Anne L. May, RN, MS, Health Consultant & Lifestyle Coach


“Deceptively simple and surprisingly effective...Usually it’s a criticism to

admit that you fell asleep listening to a tape, but in this case it’s exactly

what the doctor ordered.” 

— Eric Leskowitz, MD, Director, Integrative Medicine Project,

    Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, Harvard Medical School


 About the Author

Dr. Carol Ginandes is an internationally known health psychologist practicing in the Boston area. She integrates hypnosis with psychotherapy to help clients address a wide variety of mind-body problems. She trains health professionals and has conducted collaborative cutting-edge research on hypnotically facilitated healing. She holds staff appointments at McLean Hospital and at Harvard Medical School and has authored and recorded a variety of other audio programs for mind/body healing.


The Ultimate Power Nap

for Rapid Rest and Renewal

Carol Ginandes, Ph.D.


$24.95 (2 CD set) ;$14.95 (MP3 download)




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