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                           It’s a business book…

It’s   a self-help book…

It’s a survival guide for small business owners

determined to make it through the economic crisis & live to see another day.

 “Don’t jump into a solution before you completely understand the problem.”    

                                                                                               — Tony Rose


Too often, when we think about going after our professional and  personal dreams, we encounter obstacles in our way and stop dead in our tracks, thinking, “Wow! That’s an elephant! I’d better turn back.”


Tony Rose, well-known legacy and business planner, shows you how to  SAY HELLO TO THE

ELEPHANTS with a unique four-part, client-tested process for reaching clarity, turning obstacles into opportunities and crossing the finish line.


In this fast and funny read, you’ll discover strategies for fast-tracking success by starting today instead of tomorrow, methods to surround yourself with the right team and, perhaps most significantly, why

sausage is subjective (see page 79).


Though Tony deals primarily with families of wealth in his practice, he fully realizes that today’s economy represents the “elephant” for many of us. The tone of his book uplifts rather than lectures or chastises, gives hope rather than submitting to gloom and doom, and illuminates that light bulb over our heads that lights our way — professionally and personally. A life-changing Aha Moment!


Chock full of anecdotes, SAY HELLO TO THE ELEPHANTS comes complete with problem-solving worksheets to help the reader put Tony’s strategies into practice. Strategic Coach® founder Dan Sullivan claims, “Say Hello to the Elephants makes the tough issues stimulating and the crucial actions satisfying.”


SAY HELLO TO THE ELEPHANTS and prepare to take control of your business, your money and,

ultimately, your life. 


About the Author:  Tony Rose is a founding partner of Rose, Snyder & Jacobs in Encino, California. His client responsibilities include tax and management consulting advice to closely-held corporations, family-owned businesses, partnerships and the high net worth individuals who own them. His vast experience and upbeat attitude make him a much sought-after speaker. Married to his high school sweetheart, Tony is the father of two.



By Tony Rose

$29.95 Hardcover

ISBN 978-0-9818235-0-8

RSJ/Swenson LLC, Los Angeles

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